Avurudu celebrations


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A Sri Lankan holiday that celebrates the traditional New Year of the Sinhalese & Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

The timing coincides with the new year celebrations of many traditional calendars of South and South East Asia.

Celebrated on 13 April or 14 April and traditionally begins at the sighting of the new moon.

During these celebrations, traditional games and religious activities take place and refrain from materials pursuits. Cultural rituals take place in the actions of cleaning the house, lighting a lamp, women in communities congregate to play the Raban (a type of drum) to the lighting of the fire to cook kiribath (milk rice) at a time determined by astrological calculations.

The partying begins once the important rituals are finished as families mingle in the streets and children play outside. Avurudu snacks ranging from mung kavum, kalu dodol, kavum (small oil cake), kokis (crisp and light sweetmeat), milk toffee, thala karali, bibikkan and many more.

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Avurudu Recipes For You

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Avurudu Food

Katta Sambal

A Sri Lankan sambal served as a condiment served with kiribath and

Avurudu Food

Milk Rice

Kiribath (Milk Rice) is a traditional Sri Lankan rice dish prepared by

Avurudu Food

Thala Karali

Thala Karali is a popular Sri Lankan sweetmeat made from sesame seeds

Avurudu Food


Kokis is a deep-fried crispy avurudu snack that is laid out during

Avurudu Food

Mung Kavum

Made with a combination of rice flour and mung dahl and sweetened