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Avurudu Food

Ambul Thiyal

Ambul Thiyal is a popular tuna dish, which is seasoned with goraka paste and is a unique way of seasoning and cooking fish in the South of Sri Lanka.

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Salmon Nigiri

Nigiri translates to two fingers. 

Salmon Nigiri is a small delicious treat, featuring a thinly sliced drapery of salmon, laid over a cluster of vinegared sushi rice. 

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Maki Sushi

Futomaki translates to ‘Fat Rolled Sushi’. 

It is vinegared rice, raw salmon, avocado, and cucumber wrapped in roasted seaweed nori. 

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Sri Lankan Roasted Black Pork Curry

Ralahami’s recipe of a Sri Lankan Pork Curry is marinated using the Ralahami Roasted Curry Powder, Black pepper and Goraka paste.

Serving the Pork Curry a day after cooking it, brings out all the spices used and makes the pork curry that much more delicious.

A Sri Lankan Pork Curry, is best served with yellow rice, moju and a potato curry.

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